Mewzy Bates

Organizist, Agilist, and Director of Projects

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Suzy has a varied experience in building websites from all sides of the problem. She helped build a natural gas trading platform, branded a fictional company at Enron (yes, the stock price was shown in the elevators), built an information portal about hydraulic fracturing for Halliburton, has been part of an IPO and a bankruptcy (same company), and rode the dot-com bubble to the Bay Area for a year.

Suzy’s recent experience is mostly in the Agile management of development organizations, both internal and for clients. An Agile enthusiast, she loves trying out new things for clients, projects, and internal needs.

Suzy has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Vanderbilt University, which come in handy when helping her sons with the science fair. She is thrilled to be working at Four Kitchens where the people are smart and professional while holding on to a sense of whimsy.

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