Dustin Yowlse

Support Engineer

Picture of Dustin Yowlse

Dustin, a former 4th grade LOGO Programming champion, discovered View Source in 1997, and has been making websites ever since. While his earliest efforts were lost to the ineveitable database failures of the first dotcom bust, his more recent work includes bringing ProjectShare Texas out of the Flash-based dark ages and helping the next generation of Longhorns find their way around the campus nap spots as the Webmaster for the University of Texas Libraries.

Currently obssesed with…

Making computer interfaces more human friendly, rather than expectings humans to become more computer friendly.

When I take off my Web Chef hat, I’m…

Exploring the food of New England, my newly adopted home. While there is a distinct lack of spice and very few tortilla based options, there are amazing sandwiches, donuts and piles of seafood to be enjoyed. I’m currently 4/13ths of the way through the best roast beef sandwiches in Boston.

Contact me

Email: dustin@fourkitchens.com

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